Our Clergy

Father George Sherrill

Priest in Charge

The Rev George Sherrill graduated from Virginia Theo. Seminary in 2006 and has served churches in WV, OH, and Long Island. Prior to the Priesthood George was in the Recycling Industry as General Mgr of industrial facilities and as Purchasing Mgr for recycle paper mills. George loves to listen and talk,especially about the hard questions, and his door is always open.


Our Vestry

Alexis Alexander


Sheila Platt


Mary LaSala

Vestry Member

Ruth Fick

Vestry Member

Andrew Cordero

Vestry Member

Jim Crawford

Vestry Member

Ann Mingorance

Vestry Member

Helen Oehrlein

Vestry Member

Liz Kaye


Our Staff

Michael Callahan


Ronit Meyers

Office Manager