Our Mission

Our commitment is to provide a happy, positive, spirited setting that builds self-esteem, forms character, and positive self-image.

This commitment arises out of our Christian values that include the idea that all people have intrinsic value because they are loved and desired by God. We welcome and are open to families of all religions, and families with no religion, and offer all a respectful, broadly spiritual childcare program in a parish setting that respects values such as values of unselfishness, peacefulness, kindness and loving your neighbor. We provide weekly chapel service, but do not make attendance a requirement for childcare services.

Our aim is to provide a loving, unfettered, calm almost home-like atmosphere working in small groups, fostering a child’s natural curiosity, and creating a climate for learning and growth as a unique individual.


Schedules and routines are important to young children, and we will establish safety and security in your child's world by providing those routines without being too rigid about schedules (which can do more harm than good).

We take a thematic approach in our curriculum, offering a variety of diversified activities. The theme is integrated into all areas of the curriculum with special attention given to quality literature, art, music, alphabet skills, math, science and social studies.

Experiences are provided that stimulate learning in all developmental areas – physical, social, emotional, spiritual and cognitive. The activities we create will respond to a child’s interest and provide experiences in which each child can succeed, thus creating a solid foundation for their mainstream school career. All classes are conducted in small groups. We want to give each child as much individual attention as possible. Working in small groups allows us to seek out and focus on a child’s special interest, or specific need.

We believe the formation of children is a partnership. We welcome and respect families of every sort and variety! Frequent communication between center staff and parents is very helpful to the child. It shows the child early on their family and their school working together toward a common goal. We believe in an open door policy whereby parents can come and look in on and visit classrooms. Parent participation is a good way for parents to see what a day is like in their child's classroom. Our open door policy helps many parents feel better about leaving their children for many hours at a time.

We seek to make the transition for parents putting their child in a learning center for the first time as comfortable as possible, because then both parent and child can thrive.


We believe in a positive discipline to teach children "right from wrong." As a rule, we try to find and reward two positive things for every negative a child might have done. We give each child an opportunity to earn rewards, such as stickers or another form of recognition, accentuating the positive.

Our mission is to serve the needs of our community with affordable, flexible and high-quality childcare in a spirited environment that nurtures the formation of the whole child.

Have any questions?

Give us a call at (516) 626-0293. Or send us an email at childcare@trinityroslyn.org